Here are some comics and comics-related illustrations.

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Above is a pseudo-cover that I did for a friend's graduation. I had a lof of fun with it. Click the image for a larger version.



Up top, here, is a color version of a pin-up that I did for Batton Lash's excellent WOLFF AND BYRD (a.k.a. SUPERNATURAL LAW). It's my take on the old STRANGE ADVENTURES comics' "Earth in Peril" covers. Click on the pic for a larger image. (c) Batton Lash. For more info, click below to go to:



I've always liked this drawing of THE DERELICT (right), a psychic wino created by Brian Jacobs for his comic STRANGE BEHAVIOR, years ago. (c) Brian Jacobs, I'd guess.



Click on the picture at left and you can read the entire story of THE LOST MARTIANS.

It originally appeared in black and white in D.David's indy comic PANORAMA, circa 1991. Years later, I self-published this color version.

I think the story holds up, and I've been approached by someone who would like to do a short film of it, which I'd love to see happen.

Please be patient. It takes a while for the story to load.



SILENT BUYBACK is a 28- page mini-comic I self-published a couple of years ago. It's a service industry crime story set on New York's Upper East Side in the Roaring '80's.

It's still available from me and at select comics stores.

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