This page features sketch art and animation done for various projects. Among other things, I've done storyboard and design work for music videos, commercials, animated TV shows (THE ADVENTURES OF THE GALAXY RANGERS, G.I. JOE: EXTREME, BEGINNER'S BIBLE, ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN: THE SERIES) and the feature films END OF THE LINE and DEAD BOYZ DON'T FLY.

I'll be adding more work in the near future.

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At left is a favorite concept sketch for an SF project of a not-actually-ever-happening nature.



To the right are scenes from the Flash animated short, SHELBY'S PARIS ADVENTURE, which I did for Shelby's Toys Los Angeles, a company now in heaven. It was an attempt to turn the little, fellow...into an international celebrity... I produced, directed, designed and animated this little epic. It was animated in Flash and assembled and edited in Premiere.




A favorite of mine is "FULL METAL MERMAID", left, one of a series of sketches I did that were used in Richard Jeni's monologues on the A&E Network series CAROLINE'S COMEDY HOUR. This one illustrated a premise of combining the concepts of hit movies. Click on the image for a larger version.

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