Here're some links to some great websites belonging to various friends and supporters. I'll be adding more as time goes on, but here's a start.



Clicking on the pigeon-fancier up north, there, takes you to the home of WATERLOO SUNSET and all things Trevor Goring, Trev's been the storyboard artist on numerous films like THE RING, X-MEN 2 and RED DRAGON. WATERLOO SUNSET is his comics project with writer Andrew Stephenson, which I'm currently lettering. Check out his site.


One's a Post-Goth Rockerella with a talent for great songwriting who once backed up Susan Anton, the other's a Viet Nam Vet with a penchant for kilt-wearing who fronts a legendary '80's LA band just back from the dead... together, THEY'RE DETECTIVES -- er, no, not really... totally unrelated, actually ... I'll leave you to guess which is which...



Click on the image up there to get to, a terrific site with all kinds of bells, whistles and music downloads. I highly recommend "Monster" as a starter. The Beastess is one of the best rockers on the local LA Scene. Join Jenn's Cohoes club to do strange things like help her to decide on a wardrobe for her next gig. Cool stuff.




Clicking the pic above takes you to Join the Heroes of 12-Step Rock,, PIGMY LOVE CIRCUS, as they prove the can still terrorize a nation with songs like "Dagwood Killed Blondie". Lead singer Mike Savage has firmly established himself as the Brian Dennehy of Rock and Roll. I caught their recent gig at the Key Club, and they rocked.



My friend, Jay Dubin, a nine-time Emmy loser for directing the classic kids' science show BEAKMAN"S WORLD, may not have a band, but he's a got a great website. Go click on the TV to go to for info on upcoming projects and lots of great 3-D art.