UPDATED: May 19. 2003

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There's a lot of news, including a global revamp of this site.

First up are several new comics stories due out soon as I write this. You'll find out about them below. You'll also find news about WATERLOO SUNSET, an exciting new comics project I'm lettering.

In addition, I've added new pages and reorganized the old ones. I've added CARDS CAPTURED, a fun section which features my Holiday cards from over the fast few years,. I've gotten a great response from the outside world on them. It's some of my funniest stuff, and some of my most experimental artwork.

There's also a SCIENTIFICTION page focusing on SF and Fantasy related illustrations, and a GRAPHIC DESIGN page displaying some of my commercial graphic and web design work.

I also recommend LINKS, which connects to some great Comics and Music related sites.

Some of the pages are still under construction, so please bear with me. Also, these are image heavy pages, and may take a while to load.



Rafael Navarro's SONAMBULO is one of the best indy comics out there, combining great art with a wild mix of hardboiled detection and Latino magic realism. I was very pleased when Rafael asked me to contribute a story to SONAMBULO: MASKS, and I think it's one of the best things I've written and drawn so far. It's due out this Summer, and it's worth looking for. Click below to go to:




I've always been a big fan of the horror stylings of classic comics like Jim Warren's CREEPY and EERIE., so I really enjoyed drawing Scottish person Stu West's script for SYLVANO, due out soon in Imperium Comics TRAILER PARK OF TERROR #2. For more info, click below to go to:





At the left is a pic from my contribution to Michael Aushenker's funky, surreal EL GATO, CRIME MANGLER series. The story ( written by Michael) is part of THE NINE LOVES OF EL GATO anthology, which focuses on the romantic side of the lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) icon. It's out now at comics stores and conventions. Other artists involved include Lisa Strouss, Ted Seko, SONAMBULO creator Rafael Navarro, Javier Hernandez, Kent Myers, Amarpal Khannah, John Barber and Michael, himself.

Go to www.elgatocomics.com for information. El Gato is (c) 2003 by Michael Aushenker.




Meanwhile, this guy is the hero of WATERLOO SUNSET, a fine series I'm currently lettering. The book is by artist Trevor Goring and writer Andrew Stephenson and is going to be published by Image Comics in the foreseeable future. I also did the art production work on the WATERLOO SUNSET SKETCHBOOK, which is currently available.

Trevor is one of Hollywood's top storyboard artists, with credits on X-MEN 2, THE RING, RED DRAGON, THE CELL and many other films, and Andrew is a top English science fiction writer.

The story's set in a post-apocalyptic London under alien rule, and is well worth a read. In the meantime, go to www.electricspaghetticomics.com to find out about it and other upcoming projects. (c) 2003 Electric Spaghetti Comics